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AVisPar Programs

The AvisPar Package is very promising as it has very wide range of uses. It can be used for creation of 3D animations, Adverts, Music videos, Film Visual Effects, Motion Capture, Game Creation, 3D Facial Expressions, and lots more depending on what the user want.

Here is a list of the programs that can be found in the Package with a brief description of what they do:

· Creator 3D Builder – a complete 3D scene creation tool

· CellInserter – a simple 3D game Engine

· Zambezi Advanced Particle Engine – tool for controlling virtual elements (sun, moon ,clouds water- sea, etc)

· Creator Logo – tool for adding 3D scenes/objects to slide shows and for the creation of billboards and animated logos

· Stripes and Spots – material and custom texture creation tool

· Light Player – a simple but powerful media player for playback of all media files including 3D media files and the custom .D3D file format which is an SM Computers’ file format to compact piracy

· VizCompare – a cheaper motion capture tool

· SM Expressions - a tool for modelling characters and emotions

· SM Converter – this tools converts any media file format to any media file format